SECURBAIX BL has been designed to provide maximum security, receiving the Resistance Class 4 burglar-proof certificate (EN 1627).

A very elegant, safe and functional shutter for your peace of mind.

They are suitable for residential homes, offices, jewelry stores, banks, closets, museums, art galleries, antique shops, tobacco shops, warehouses, computer servers and any other place where additional security is needed.

The wide range of finishes allows you to fully adapt the model to the design of the building.

High security roller blinds comply with the anti-burglary certificate EN 1627 (RC3 and RC4)
Opening speed 0.2 m/s (approx)

All rooms are secured in just a few seconds.

The protective blinds are equipped with automation and the possibility of integration into the smart system of your home.

They are also equipped with E-KEY MEMORY SYSTEM. It is an intelligent lock system that will prevent damage to the door if you accidentally open the door with the lock locked.

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