DIAMOND BL X-TREME has been specifically designed to provide high ballistic protection in your buildings according to the European Standard EN 1522 and certified CLASS 5 of resistance of wind load according to UNE-EN 12424.

This model can be installed in tight spaces offering bulletproof FB6-S certified protection.

Furthermore, this roller shutter will protect you against thieves offering a certified CLASS 6 (RC 6) according to EN 1627 burglar-proof European standard.

The union of engineering and manufacturing with materials have been used as holders, steel, ballistic alloys and extruded aluminium in a place like the model DIAMOND BL X-TREME has become one of the safest and most impassable doors in the world.

High security for your home, premises, bunker, panic room or other security locations, allowing to be closed through the security systems that most interest you given its full integration capacity with any electronic device in addition to having a wide range of finishes that allow to integrate this model of door, blind or curtain in any decorative environment.

High security roller blinds meet the anti-burglary certificate EN 1627 (RC3, RC4, RC5 and RC6) and the ballistic protection standard EN 1522 (FB4 and FB6)

Opening speed 0.2 m/s (approx)

All rooms are secured in just a few seconds.

High security security blinds for your home, property, bunker or other security locations that can be operated by the security systems of your choice, taking into account the possibility of integrating them with any electronic device.

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