The right choice and use of solar protection systems will allow you to create a comfortable climate inside your premises (in summer and winter) and reduce electricity costs by regulating the amount of sunlight entering the room.

The sun protection system Sunclips consists of light C-shaped lamellas, from an extruded aluminum profile, which can be installed in several ways between the posts or in pre-prepared cassettes.

The Sunclips system can be installed horizontally, vertically or in a curved shape to achieve the required sun protection effect.

Standard installation: Horizontal or inclined, consisting of slats that are fixed on special consoles. The system is attached to the facade of the building with the help of special brackets.

Sunclips cassettes: Vertical, horizontal or inclined mounting possible. Sun protection system with lamellas Sunclips EVO 96 fastens between the end plates. This system is a fully assembled module (cassette).